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UK sourced, solid, reclaimed pine wood table tops, with a stain and wax finish and made up to your exact width, depth and thickness (1", 2" or 3"). 

Available in a choice of four finishes, classic rustic, clean planed, natural rustic and whitewash rustic - image shows a unit in a classic rustic finish.

The white-washed finish uses AURO 160 woodstain, a natural water based treatment.

Combine with legs from ebay, such as the hairpin ones shown above.

Prices shown are per one square foot.

To order, please calculate the total square footage for one complete top, round up to the nearest square foot and then multiply by the price per square foot for the thickness required.

Eg for a 5ft x 3ft top in 3": 5x3 = 15. Then 15 x £22 = £330

So order will x15 for the 3" sqft price (£22).

(Please include your exact measurements in the message part of the order confirmation - tops will be cut to an accuracy of c.0.5cm).

(As with all our our orders, we will confirm everything via email/phone before going ahead).

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Reclaimed Wood Table / Work Surface Top

  • £13.00

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