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  • Organic Wool Topper

Luxury organic mattress topper featuring natural, organic wool, with elasticated corner straps.

Mattress toppers (or 'pads') are used for a variety of reasons - warmth, comfort or simply to give a new lease of life to an older mattress. They're also great as a buffer on mattresses with a synthetic cover.

This luxurious, GOTS and Soil Association certified, organic mattress topper brings you the reassurance of sleeping on completely pure untreated materials and features organic wool with a 100% organic cotton cover - no chemicals/added fire retardants and no pesticide residues!

Standard depth is approximately 2cm.

Mattress toppers made with animal hairs have the natural capacity to regenerate themselves - air them frequently and expose them to sunlight when possible. Stains can be spot-cleaned using a special wool detergent and it is also possible to gently hand wash the topper.

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Organic Wool Topper

  • £101.00

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