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  • Organic Children's Cot Wool Duvet

Organic wool filling is an excellent temperature and moisture regulator, ensuring a comfortable and balanced sleeping environment. 

This children's cot duvet feels very light yet cosy and keeps out drafts - a wonderfully natural way for your child to sleep.

Contains approx. 950g of organic wool.

One size: measures 100 x 135cm (39" x 53")

How to care for your wool duvet:

  • Duvets made with animal hairs have the natural capacity to regenerate themselves - air them frequently and expose them to sunlight when possible.
  • Stains can be spot-cleaned using a special wool detergent. Do this gently by hand and direct a handheld shower onto the area to be cleaned.
  • Make sure the duvet us dried thoroughly (on a flat surface) before placing it into a duvet cover.
  • Dry-cleaning: it is possible to dry-clean this duvet. Stay away from the conventional methods using harsh chemicals - there are more and more 'green' options available now!

Dust mite protection:

Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites due to its ability to regulate temperature and moisture so well. It can also be treated with a Neem spray to protect it against dust mites.

Alternatively it could be placed in the freezer for 48 hours to kill any dust mites.

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Organic Children's Cot Wool Duvet

  • £71.00

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