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Fantastic reclaimed pine mirrors, available in a choice of four standard finishes, with a chunky 2" deep frame.

Our white wash finish uses AURO 160 wood stain, a natural water based treatment.

Using UK sourced reclaimed wood with Pilkington Optima mirror glass, with a hardboard backing.

We can make these mirrors to any size - for bespoke and custom sizes, please enquire, using the tab above.

Standard sizes
1.5ft by 3ft 18" x 36"
2ft by 2ft 24" x 24"
2ft by 3ft 24" x 36"
2ft by 4ft 24" x 48"
2ft by 5ft 24" x 60"
3ft by 3ft 36" x 36"
3ft by 4ft 36" x 48"
3ft by 5ft 36" x 60"
4ft by 4ft 48" x 48"
4ft by 5ft 48" x 60"
5ft by 5ft 60" x 60"
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Reclaimed Stockhill Mirror (Chunky)

  • £145.00

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