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  • Plank Mirror (Slim)

Full of rough cut, rustic charm, the Plank slim mirror has a frame depth of 1" and can be made to any size required.

Two frame styles are available, either 'Slim' (3"x1" deep) or 'Chunky' (4"x2" deep).

We can make these to any size - for bespoke and custom sizes, please enquire, using the tab above.

Standard sizes
1.5ft by 3ft 18" x 36"
2ft by 2ft 24" x 24"
2ft by 3ft 24" x 36"
2ft by 4ft 24" x 48"
2ft by 5ft 24" x 60"
3ft by 3ft 36" x 36"
3ft by 4ft 36" x 48"
3ft by 5ft 36" x 60"
4ft by 4ft 48" x 48"
4ft by 5ft 48" x 60"
5ft by 5ft 60" x 60"
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Plank Mirror (Slim)

  • £115.00

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Tags: Plank, Rustic, Pine, Mirror