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  • AURO 250 Gloss Paint

AURO 250 water-based, solvent-free Gloss is suitable for use on both internal and external wood and metal and is tested and certified 'safe for toys' and 'saliva and perspiration proof'.

Available in white or a range of naturally tinted pre-mixed colours. Please note, the white for this paint is more of a cream colour than brilliant white, due to the linseed oil used and will not necessarily be a match to other whites in the AURO range.

Dust dry in 6 - 9 hours, re-coatable after 24 hours.  Final hardness reached in about 3 days.

Pretreat wood types rich in active substances with AURO Special Primer No. 117, other wood types with AURO Wood Primer No. 124. For best results this should be followed by a coat of AURO White undercoat No. 253, before applying 2-3 topcoats of 250 Gloss. 

Clean brushes with 411 Plant Soap or a touch of 191 Orange oil Thinners.


375 ml

approximately 5sqm per coat 
750 ml

approximately 10sqm per coat
2.5 litres
approximately 31sqm per coat
10 litres

approximately 110sqm per coat

Please telephone us on 0117 9428732 to order.

Delivery can be to an address of your choice or to our shop for collection, delivery charges are as follows:

Order size                                     3 - 4 working days                            Next working day

1 - 4 Tester pots                                    £2.95                                                     £8.00

5+ testers – 550ml                                £5.00                                                     £8.00

550ml – 10L                                           £7.00                                                     £11.00

10L +                                                      £11.00                                                   £15.00

Data Sheet
Download technical data sheet: AURO 250 data sheet 250 Gloss TDS (40 KB)

Useful Tips
Unlike acrylics, AURO solvent-free Gloss and Matt Silk paints are not prone to cracking and peeling.
The exterior gloss system is expected to last 3-5 years when properly applied. 
These paints are both tough and flexible, but because no volatile solvents or chemical hardeners are used, drying times are dependent on temperature and humidity to a greater extent than with conventional paints. 
Whilst warm, dry conditions are best for drying the paint very hot weather, especially in direct sun light can cause the paint to dry too quickly which could lead to cracking or poor adhesion. 
Good ventilation should be maintained at all times.

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AURO 250 Gloss Paint

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